Expert witness

"Every vintage car is so much more than an automobile. It is a piece of art which also happens
to drive."

I am a public and legally certified expert witness for historic and modern vehicles and collectible items (subclass 17.47 of the Austrian Government Expert Witness List “Gerichts-Sachverstaendigen-Liste”).

This and more is what I can do for you:

  • Professional consultation and/or review of reparation works
  • Court expert witness reports
  • Evaluations
  • Evaluations of damages
  • Customs import evaluations
  • Expert’s reports

If you wish to have a historic vehicle evaluated please only engage experts who are registered in subclass 17.47 of the Austrian Government Expert Witness List “Gerichts-Sachverstaendigen-Liste”.


There is no price list for vintage cars. My knowledge of the international market is
therefore of great importance.

My expertise and technical knowledge are the

basis of all documentation keeping you from

potential loss or damage.

As and when required, government offices or other authorities as well as potential buyers can draw on this objective evaluation.